As we begin our journey toward Christmas (I know it seems early to think of this, but we need four meetings for this study!), I’m excited to share an amazing opportunity — our Women’s Study will shift to delve into the meaning of each of the Advent candles.  We have just enough time to devote one meeting to each candle before Christmas.  In the new year we will return to our Names of God study to complete that one.
The four candles are :  Hope (The Prophet’s Candle), Faith (The Bethlehem Candle), Joy (The Shepherd’s Candle), and Peace (The Angels’ Candle).  Each of these is rich in meaning and scripture, enough to provide plenty for us to ponder in our hearts as we gain a deeper understanding of our faith.
We Hope in redemption, we find Faith through obedience, we surprisingly find Joy in connection with long-suffering, and Peace we can only find through intimacy with God.  The order of the candles is also significant as a template of Christian growth and formation.
Please join us this Sunday, Sept. 1, from 11:30 – 1 for the beginning of the study on Hope.  We will pass out Bible references and these will be sent in email form as soon as they are ready.
As always, plan for a light lunch and if you need child care it will be available.  Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, would you like for us to pray for you or loved ones?  Please send prayer requests and we will include your prayers in our circle.
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