Youth Ministries

CEC Youth Ministries

Weekly term-time youth activities:
Sunday 10 am: Preschool & Children’s Ministry at CEC

Lees Pearson:

Dawn Lamping:



Children’s Ministry & Youth work: Lee Pearson and Dawn Lamping teach God’s word to our younger members with an emphasis on building a solid scriptural foundation for Christian growth.

Matthew 7:24  Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock.

CEC Young Leaders: Young people are encouraged to develop their skills as they serve alongside church leaders in a variety of roles. Middle school students assist with preschool and children’s ministry. Junior acolytes are trained to lead during services. Young volunteers help with weekly tasks including sorting bulletins, sharpening pencils, checking candles and serving during the fellowship hour. Service hours are tracked and celebrated.

CEC is proud to partner with Aspen Valley Young Life, as they celebrate 40+ years in the Valley. In addition to weekly Club and Bible Study, middle schoolers and high schoolers enjoy camps with Young Life. Families enjoy summer family camp. For more information, please visit

CEC College Ministry: CEC currently has 50+ young people who have progressed through Elevation and/or Senior to Senior and are studying at college. In addition to praying for them throughout the year, the CEC family sends cards to their college students, and welcomes them back to seasonal activities, including the popular annual Elevation Christmas party.

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