Dedication Sunday:

A reminder that this Sunday, November 20th, is Stewardship Dedication Sunday.  We ask all parishioners to prayerfully complete your pledge cards and turn them in this Sunday.  If you’re out-of-town, you can email your pledge information to either our Stewardship chair Kathy Klug ( or our Treasurer Eric Pelander (  You can also find a link to our online pledge card at Christ Episcopal Church Stewardship Pledge 2023.

From Kathy Klug:

It is “Pledge Season” at Christ Church, and your Stewardship Committee asks for
your help. In this post-Covid time, we need you as our Year of Renewal goes
forward. I said yes to Father Bill’s invitation to chair the Stewardship Committee
because I believe in who we are and what we do at Christ Church.

This is a time of Celebration. We are celebrating this year of renewal, the calling
of Bill Lupfer as our priest, and the re-engagement and involvement of all of us in
the ministries that go forth from this place. But, as encouraging as it is to have a
strong core of involved people — it is not enough. We need everyone who cares
about Christ Church to answer the call to commit time, talent, and treasure.

Pledges are the backbone of good planning and Outreach. Good News! There is
a new pledge match on the table for every new pledge.  We want the Celebration
to continue with the help and support of every person connected with our church.
Pledges are our investment in the ministries of Christ Church: Worship, Music,
Teaching, Preaching, Hospitality, and Outreach. We are calling on all the people
of Christ Church to “step up” with a meaningful commitment of involvement and a
financial pledge for this year ahead. Our goal is more pledges in 2023 and
increased pledges to help cover our projected $550,000 budget for 2023.

We give for two reasons. First, Christ Church needs money to cover the costs of
an active church, including staffing, ministry investments, and everyday operating
expenses. Second, we all need to be involved in giving as our response to all
that God has given us. Pledging is a vote of confidence for today and an
investment of hope for tomorrow.  We ask you to prayerfully consider your
participation in our annual pledge campaign. Your pledge is an investment in our
Christian Mission and our purpose as a church here in Aspen. Aspen is a more
welcoming community with Christ Church’s doors and hearts open.  Thank you.

Kathy Klug and The Stewardship Committee


536 West North Street – Aspen, Colorado 81611
970-925-3278 –

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