Church Family



The Rev. Dr. William Lupfer

Jose Vargas
Sunday Sexton/Events Chef


Martin Alvarado

Sunday Sexton

970 987-4614


Amanda Gessler
Director of Music

970-355-9346 | by phone, email, appt.

Leslie Boyer
Parish Administrator



Antonio Amaya 

Assistant Sexton

Heather Rydell

Sunday School Director

970 948-7574


2024 Vestry Members

Lindsay Gorman- Treasurer

Joel Shannon -Sr. Warden

Eric Pelander -Jr. Warden

Diana Rumsey -Clerk

Tracy Murtagh

Janice James

Peter Harrigan

Neala Young

Joe Zanin

Ministry Leaders

Flower Ministry – Contact the CEC Office

Ministry Council- Katrina Gallant Contact through the church office

Outreach Ministry –Leone Falcone  Contact through the CEC Office

Altar GuildDiana Rumsey Contact through the CEC Office

Children’s MinistryHeather Rydell Contact through the church office

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