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Meet Your CEC Search Committee:  

Lindsay Gorman, Jan Blaich, Chris Klug, Peter Greeney, Katie McLellan, Alex Smith

Updates from the Search Committee

Current Update

March 15, 2021 Lindsay Gorman

Rector Search Update

The Search Committee along with the Vestry has been very busy pursuing our Rector search.  During the week of March 1, we conducted a series of Zoom Interviews.  On March 9, we met to discuss the candidates and narrow the field.  Next week we will begin our second round of Zoom Interviews.

After this week of interviews, we will meet again to determine the finalists in the search.  We remain on schedule to conduct our in-person interviews next month and anticipate making a call this spring.

We are all very excited about the quality of candidates that we have.  We are praying that the Holy Spirit will guide us as the choice will not be an easy one.  Each of the remaining candidates is a strong contender.

Please keep the Search Committee and the Vestry in your prayers as we continue to make our discernment.


Lindsay Gorman

Chair, Search Committee

Past Updates

March 3, 2021 Lindsay Gorman

Rector Search Update

As you may remember, the Parish Profile was published in early January.  The deadline for applications to be submitted was February 17.  On Monday, February 22, the Rev. Canon Vanessa Stickler Glass, Canon for Transition and our consultant, Luke Jernagan presented the applicants to the Search Committee and Vestry.  We were humbled by the response we received.  We have many highly qualified candidates from which to choose.

The Search Committee and the Vestry met on Tuesday, February 23 to begin our process of discernment regarding the candidates.  We have narrowed the field somewhat and will now begin interviewing the remaining applicants.

Our plan is to conduct one to two Zoom interviews with each candidate after which we will choose our finalists.  We will then invite those finalists to meet with us in person for a final set of interviews.  If all goes according to plan, we hope to call a Rector later this spring.

Please keep the Search Committee, Vestry and the candidates in your prayers as we enter this very important part of our discernment process.


Lindsay Gorman

Co-Chair Search Committee

February 2, 2021 Jan Blaich

SEARCH COMMITTEE UPDATE                                                                      

During the quiet, Covid19 January, things have been far from quiet in our CEC search process,  On January 6th  the notice of our rector search and call for interested applicants was sent out by the Diocese and interested  responders were sent the  CEC profile. The search committee has been told by the Diocese office that the resulting  number of applications  has been encouraging.  The applicants  are currently in the process of being vetted by the Diocese office and will be given to the search committee on February 22nd  for review and selection for further action.  The call for applications is open until February 17th, so it is  possible  that there will be more candidates applying for the rector position.


In the meantime, the search committee has been preparing for the candidate interviews.  In a meeting a few days ago we discussed and decided on the questions we want to ask candidates during the first interview, which will be via zoom.  We have also held a practice interview session with Canon Vanessa Stickler Glass from the diocese and a “sitting rector” from a Colorado church  to  prepare us for our interviews.  We will be conducting second interviews, also most likely on zoom, with candidates we have decided to recall as a result of the first interviews.  The final candidate(s) will be invited to Aspen for further evaluation by the vestry and search committees.  It will also be helpful for search committee members to visit web sites for videos of the candidates to observe  them  conducting services in their churches, assuming that during the pandemic these would be on line.  As a result of these steps in the search process, we will be making the final decision about who will be our permanent rector While we don’t want to put  a deadline date on this decision, it will likely be late spring before the final decision will be taken.


We ask parishioners to pray for the committee and vestry in this task that is so important to all of us at CEC.  We ask God for wisdom to  discern his will for the future of our church in its revitalization and growth in spiritual energy.



January 8, 2021 Warren Klug


SEARCH COMMITTEE UPDATE                                                                      

We are moving along on our search for a new permanent rector for Christ Church, and we want you to know where we are.

Your Search Committee has been working with the Vestry over the past months to pursue the search process and to get closer to the calling of a new rector.  This included member surveys and in-person “listening sessions,” and input from parishioners.  Today, we turn the page on our process as we present to you, to the Diocese and to potential candidates our finalized Parish Profile.  The final document is attached to this letter.

The Parish Profile tells the story of Christ Church to us as church members, and to any interested candidates.  The document tells of our history, who we are and where we want to go as people of God.  What are our ministry goals?  What do we understand to be the mission of Christ Church?  What kind of person do we believe God wants us to call to Christ Church?  The profile is an honest, direct and optimistic presentation of our church, our people and our faith.


The Parish Profile has been given to the Diocese to be provided to any of their potential candidate contacts.  Also, our search consultant can now use the completed profile document in his recruiting efforts.  The real recruiting process is underway now.  Our goal is to attract interested candidates over the weeks ahead.  Any respondents will first be vetted by our search consultant, then evaluated by the Diocesan office, then we will pursue a process of phone interviews and zoom interviews, and eventually a personal visit to Aspen by our strongest candidates.  We all know how important it is to find just the right rector to provide the leadership and Christian focus that we know Christ Church needs to help bring us back to being an active, alive, spirit-filled church.


The Finalized Parish Profile is below.  Please take time to review the document and provide any input you might have to our Search Committee.  Feel free to pass the profile on to anyone you feel might be a strong candidate for Christ Church, or encourage anyone you know to follow up with us on additional candidate suggestions.


Our recruiting for a new permanent rector is underway.  We welcome ideas and input as we pursue the process.  Our thanks to all members of our Search Committee and the Vestry for all the hard work that went into the process so far.  Our prayer is that God will continue to help us through the weeks and months ahead, and that Christ Church will once again be a place of ministry, vitality and renewal. Thank you!

Warren Klug

Senior Warden

December 20, 2020 Jan Blaich

The profile of our church is receiving final touches in preparation for dissemination on January 6th to recruiting sources selected by Fr. Luke Jernagan, our search consultant. Our vestry and the diocese have approved the profile with the diocese giving an enthusiastic thumbs up to the way our church is presented. When the finishing touches are completed on January 6th, the profile will be placed on our web site and CEC members will be able to see it there.  In addition, an electronic copy will be sent to all CEC members on that date.

Fr. Luke is experienced  in knowing which recruiting outlets are most productive in attracting recruits..  He is very enthusiastic in his assessment that our profile will be attractive to potential candidates, and he believes that we at CEC also have good reason to be confident that our story is one that will be attractive to rectors thinking about making a change.

The search committee will be expecting to receive applications during the winter months and will be selecting those applicants who seem to have a fit with our church for further exploration in the spring. We will keep you informed of our activities during this period.


December 8, 2020 Jan Blaich

The search committee has been working hard these past weeks to complete our church profile, which is the important document that will be used to recruit candidates for our rector position. We have paid close attention to the observations from the Holy Cow survey and the listening sessions and have worked to incorporate those responses into the profile so that it reflects as clearly as possible who we are as a parish and what our hopes and dreams are for its future
We have been guided in this process by Fr. Luke Jernagan who is experienced in working with Episcopal churches during their rector search We will be putting the finishing touches on the profile this week and will send it to the vestry for their approval. by mid December. The profile will then be given to the Bishop’s office for final approval. By early January it will be put on our church website for everyone to see. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the interesting visual presentation of the profile. At that time it will also be distributed to recruiting networks recommended by Fr. Luke. We are on schedule target, expecting to begin receiving inquiries and applications during the winter months. The search committee is optimistic that our profile and the church it represents will be interesting to a number of attractive candidates applying to be our rector.

November, 2020

As the Search Committee puts together the Parish Profile, please know that including pictures of people in our congregation is very important. We want to show the signs of our community’s life together, in addition to the picture that we paint with words. We are selecting some of those photographs now. If for some reason you do not want pictures of you or your family in the Profile, please notify Katrina in the office. Otherwise, know that you may be featured! (Names will not be included with the pictures.) Thank you.



October 11, 2020 The Rev. Luke Jernagan

Click below to view the Dream & Discern Recording


October 11, 2020 Lindsay Gorman

Join us Live in Person or on Zoom to DREAM AND DISCERN – Sunday October 11th at 11:00AM.  As we prepare for this Sunday’s “ream and Discern” session, please take some time to pray and listen with either of these questions: What is the dream that God has for Christ Episcopal Church? What does God want to do in and through Christ Church? (What you hear might be broad or quite specific).

Please email for the Zoom link.



October 4, 2020 Results from Sunday October 4th Presentation

September 20, 2020 Lindsay Gorman

Please join us live or via Zoom on October 4th  for your survey and listening sessions summaries. This is very   important for the future of our church!

We want as many of you to participate as possible!

We will be meeting in the church at 11:00 AM and will  connect those of you who cannot attend in person, via Zoom. The presentation will also be recorded and posted to the website. Katrina sent the Zoom link in the enews.  If you do not receive the enews, please email Katrina directly,


August 16, 2020 – Jan Blaich & Lindsay Gorman

The Search Committee has completed the listening sessions and together with the congregation-wide survey, this in formation will be incorporated into an Executive Summary, which will form the basis for the Church Profile.  The Profile will be the key part of the Search material distributed to the various places that will attract candidates to apply for our Rector position. This is a crucial task for the Search Committee, since it represents how parishioners feel about Christ Church, what your hopes and desires are for our future and the leadership we are looking for in a permanent priest. We ask for your patience to give us the time to complete these tasks.


July 19, 2020 – Jan Blaich


The second part of reaching out to parishioners is to invite participation in small group listening sessions. Input from these sessions will further help the Search Committee to develop a profile of Christ Church that provides Christ Church with a road map for the future and serves as an “ad” to interest prospective applicants for the position of priest for our church.

The sessions will be held outdoors (except for the zoom sessions) with the required masks, social distancing, and limited to 10 people. They will be conducted by a member of the Search Committee and a member of the Vestry.

This is the schedule from which to choose:

Sunday, July 26

Tuesday, July 28

Wednesday, August 5

Thursday, August 6

Sunday, August 16

The discussion questions for the session will be sent to you in advance for your thoughtful and prayerful deliberation. We look forward to your participation.



July 19, 2020 – Lindsay Gorman

This is the last week for the survey! If you have already  completed the survey, thank you! If you have not, we want to hear from you. Your input is vital to the future of this    parish. Whether you are a seasonal member or are full-time, your views are important. The survey only takes 20 minutes of your time, but will help us create the parish that God wants us to be.

on the parish website:


July 12, 2020 – Lindsay Gorman

Our survey is off to a good start. If you have already completed the survey, thank you! If you have not, we want to hear from you. Your input is vital to the future of this parish. Whether you are new to the parish, or are a long time member, your views are important.

The survey only takes 20 minutes of your time, but will help us create the parish that God wants us to be.

If you prefer to fill out a paper form, please contact the church office.


July 5, 2020 – Lindsay Gorman

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Below is the link to the Rector Search survey, or Church Assessment Tool (CAT), that was announced last week.  Your participation will help your search committee gauge the strength, vitality, hopes and visions of Christ Episcopal Church.

With the strong recommendation of our consultant, Luke Jernagan, the committee contracted with HolyCow! Consulting to compile this survey, analyze the data, and assist in assessing our goals.  Your prayerful and thoughtful responses will be valuable to the Search Committee and to the Vestry as decisions are made about the next chapter of our parish.

All answers are strictly anonymous.  We have no way of matching any assessment to a particular person, so please candidly share your perceptions, opinions and experiences.  Our future together is dependent on your participation, and your honest answers.

Our goal is to have as many of our members complete the survey as possible.  All individual household members over the age of 18 are encouraged to participate.

There are several ways to access the survey.  You can use any mobile device, smart tablet or computer to complete the survey.  Please allow about 20 minutes to complete it.  You can access the survey by clicking on this link  It can also be accessed on our church website at If you need a paper copy, please contact Katrina at the church, (970) 925-3278.  Surveys need to be completed prior to July 26 so we can begin our analysis and prepare our Parish Profile.

Thank you for your patience while the Search Committee has been organizing and educating ourselves about the search process.  As we begin Phase 1 with the survey, parishioner input is paramount to creating a Parish Profile that best reflects who we are as a parish and where our congregation hopes to be in our future.


The Search Committee

June 28, 2020 – Lindsay Gorman


Earlier this year, the Vestry elected a Search Committee, whose task is to begin the process of finding a new Rector.  The committee has been busy, albeit behind the scenes. And we will soon start actively engaging our congregation to help guide us in this important quest.

At the suggestion of our search consultant, Luke Jernagan, the Search Committee recently contracted with HolyCow! Consulting to help us begin our parish discernment.  An early step in the search process is to conduct a survey of our congregation.  This assessment will provide a clear picture of who we are as a church and what directions are most important for our future. The tool we’ll use is their Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT), which will provide key indicators of our parish’s health as well as areas of challenge and potential growth. It will help us to understand and include the range of views that exist at Christ Episcopal Church and the possibilities, willingness, capacity and energy for moving our ministry into the future. 

If you have provided us with a current email address, on July 5 you will receive a web link to complete the assessment online.  If you would prefer to take the assessment using a paper copy, call the office and we will provide one for you along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Those for whom we do not have an email address will receive a paper copy in the mail.

NOTE:  If there is only one email address for all members of your household, it may be tempting to have one person take the survey on behalf of the family.  However, please be sure your spouse and all young adults living in your home have an opportunity to complete the survey.  INDIVIDUAL INPUT is key to our gaining insight into overall perceptions and experiences. 

Please set aside enough time to answer all the questions.  It will take about 20 minutes. All survey responses are strictly anonymous. 

Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this congregational assessment and for helping to build Christ Episcopal Church’s future. 

May 23, 2020 – Jan Blaich

The Search Committee has resumed its work to find a permanent  priest for CEC after a pause required  by the Bishop  until we located an interim priest  That was accomplished when Peter Munson arrived to be that person in early May.  One of his main responsibilities is to guide us in our search for a priest.  Peter has given this task a quickstart  by gathering the Search  Committee together  last week.
Before we can begin to cast the net for  priest prospects, considerable  important work must be done to  determine what qualities our congregation  considers essential  in a priest  to nurture our spiritual growth, and  provide  leadership to renew and grow our church.  The Search Committee  wants to involve the parishioners as fully as possible in this discussion. We are developing  a survey that will be distributed  to all church members as well as those who  have been recent participants in our church activities.. We intend to find ways to have  personal followup conversations with as many  parishioners as possible. and will be communicating more about this  process as soon as our committee completes plans for accomplishing this  task.
In the meantime, please give thought to your hopes and desires for recreating our church  to become the vibrant  spiritual and fellowship home you want it  to be.

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